CHERRY in Education

Whether in a traditional classroom outfitted with computer learning stations, a large computer lab, a school library, or a remote learning setting, CHERRY features a wide array of durable and long-lasting products to help enhance the digital learning experience.

Together with top German engineering and high-quality ergonomic design, CHERRY manufactures products that are fun to use and built to last, even in high-use environments!



Use the CHERRY KC 6000 SLIM FOR MAC for your MAC environment.

The search for key combinations or corresponding settings in the control panel can be very time consuming. Save time with quick access to the 12 most commonly used Mac functions.

The compact and flat housing of the KC 6000 SLIM FOR MAC enables you to work fatigue-free and visually enhances your workplace with its outstanding design.

The precise scissor mechanism does what it promises. Every keystroke sits, letters are no longer swallowed. Your writing style is safe and error-free even in stressful situations.


If you’re looking for a keyboard for continuous use, the CHERRY STREAM is the choice for you.

It is exceptionally robust, with a key lifespan of over 20 million presses, and can be used immediately as its Plug & Play capability means that no software installation is required.

Students, teachers, and administrators alike will benefit from the whisper-quiet keystrokes, which promote a quiet environment conducive for learning.

Featuring an ultra-flat ergonomic top design, the CHERRY STREAM allows users to work in proper typing form, alleviating strain on the wrists and fingers, especially when working long hours each day. The layout is ideal for hands, both big and small, meaning school-age children will benefit from learning how to type correctly on a device that is both durable yet comfortable.

The keyboard also has 10 additional keys that allow easy control over volume, multimedia functions, and frequently used Office applications.


Taking the classroom remotely is easy to do, with the right equipment!

The CHERRY KC 6000 SLIM is the ideal keyboard to bring accuracy and state-of-the-art design into the digital classroom.
This sturdy keyboard with an integrated metal plate features precise scissor mechanisms within the keys, allowing for accurate typing and a comfortable writing experience. The compact, slim housing means that the KC 6000 SLIM will fit in perfectly, even in space-limited environments.

An extra-long USB cable of nearly six feet allows freedom and flexibility of movement.
The clean and modern chiclet key design is a must-have for those familiar with typing on laptops. Along with durable key lettering, the KC 6000 SLIM is an elegant keyboard that stands to make a lasting impression on any desktop.



Classrooms that utilize laptops for enhanced digital learning could benefit from the use of the CHERRY no-click mouse, the CHERRY GENTIX SILENT.

This noiseless designer mouse has been specially designed to promote quiet work environments while maintaining quintessential CHERRY quality and ergonomics. Students can work efficiently and quietly while benefitting from perfect ergonomics ideally suited for hands both small and large.

An extra-long USB cable of nearly six feet allows freedom and flexibility of movement while also discouraging theft or sudden disappearances of the mouse from the workstation. The symmetrical design of the GENTIX SILENT is ideal for both left and right-handed users alike. Rubber-coated side sections also allow for optimal grip and more comfortable handling.


The CHERRY MW 8 ADVANCED mouse is the perfect device to enhance a day filled with digital teaching and learning.

The remote classroom is only as good as the equipment used. Instructors and students alike will benefit from this wireless mouse’s ease-of-use, and the integrated high-precision LED laser sensor, which allows the mouse to be used on nearly every surface, including glass tables.

Unlike other conventional mice, the CHERRY MW 8 ADVANCED can be connected either with the supplied 2.4 GHz wireless USB receiver or via Bluetooth®. The connection types can be changed quickly using a switch on the base of the mouse. This allows, for example, a laptop to be connected via Bluetooth® and a PC to be connected via a regular wireless connection and both to be operated with the same mouse - ideal for instructors working remotely across various devices and teaching platforms!

Elegant and beautiful, yet rugged and durable, the CHERRY MW 8 ADVANCED stands out with its anodized aluminum surface and rubber side parts. The compact, symmetrical design means that it fits snugly in the user’s hand, and is perfect for both left- and right-handed users.

Desktop Sets


Computer labs would benefit significantly from the implementation of high-quality yet durable desktop sets, such as the CHERRY DC 2000.

This corded desktop combo has been optimized to withstand up to 10 million keystrokes! The symmetrical design is suitable for left- and right-handed users. Durable key lettering allows for continuous work. Plug & Play installation via a USB connection means that there is no complicated set-up, and the device is ready for action once unpackaged from its box!

Basic does not have to be boring! The CHERRY DC 2000 keyboard also features shortcut keys on the top right corner for e-mail, calculator, and other frequently used applications. The perfect product for entry-level users and students, the CHERRY DC 2000 desktop set contains all the fundamental features needed to handle tasks in the demanding educational environment.


The CHERRY DW 9000 SLIM allows for operation across multiple devices via Bluetooth® or a 2.4 GHz wireless connection, which means that instruction does not have to be limited to one device.

As more schools and universities shift to digital instruction, outfitting a work area in the home conducive to remote learning is of great importance. You can switch connection types in an instant using a switch on the mouse or keyboard. This allows e.g., a laptop to be operated using Bluetooth®, as well as allowing a PC to be operated using the same desktop by means of a wireless connection with AES encryption. The data are transferred using AES-128 encryption in both cases.

The CHERRY DW 9000 SLIM set features rechargeable lithium batteries that last for weeks of work. You can then conveniently charge the mouse and keyboard using the micro USB cable included with the set, even while you are working. A simple switch can turn off the keyboard and mouse altogether, to ensure that the rechargeable batteries hold their charge.

Students and instructors alike will enjoy the robust durability of the DW 9000 SLIM. The keyboard contains an integrated metal plate, lending it an optimal sturdiness and stability. Should you prefer a steeper angle while typing, you can adjust the keyboard using the 4 rubber feet included with the set. High stability is ensured by the metal plate, which prevents bending and bounding when typing.

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