The best STREAM ever – in a compact version without number pad.

Decisive advantages

Optimum operating comfort:

  • Space-saving design through omitting the numeric keypad
  • Improved, ergonomic shoulder posture (due to shorter distance between keyboard and mouse)
  • Alphanumeric section according to DIN ISO 9995-1
  • 6 multimedia keys
  • 2 integrated status displays for Caps Lock and Scroll buttons

Maximum productivity:

  • CHERRY SX scissor mechanism
  • Super silent keystroke

Highest quality:

  • Rubberized feet for perfect slip resistance
  • Integrated metal plate for maximum torsional rigidity
  • Blue Angel eco-label

Very latest design:

  • Low profile
  • GS certificate

3 years
Packaging unit
  • Number of products in master package: 10
  • Number of outer packages per pallet: 40
  • Keyboard
  • Key technology: SX
  • Service life of standard key > 20 million strokes
  • Alphanumeric section according to DIN ISO 9995-1
  • Anti-slip feet: 7 pieces (18 x 4 mm)
  • Rubber feet
  • Status display: Caps Lock and Scroll buttons
  • Number of additional keys: 6
  • Additional key functions: Volume down, sound on/off, volume up, previous track, start/pause, next track
  • Reliability
    MTBF > 80,000 hours
    Packaging dimensions
    approx. 15.35 in x 8.11 in x .79 in
    Dimensions (product)
  • approx. 14.84 x 6.42 x .71 in (feet folded in)
  • approx. 14.84 x 6.42 x 1.11 in (feet folded out)
  • Delivery volume
  • Keyboard
  • Operating instructions
  • System requirements
  • USB port (type A)
  • Windows 11, 10, 8 or 7
  • Connection sockets
    Operating temperature
    0 °C to 40 °C, max. 85% humidity
    Storage temperature
    -20 °C to 60 °C, max. 85% humidity
    Cable length
    approx. 180 cm
    Total weight (with packaging)
    approx. 1.83 lb
    Weight (product)
    approx. 1.5 lb
    Layout (country or language)
    Product dependant, see table "Models"
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    product details

    The best STREAM ever – compact TKL version.

    The STREAM KEYBOARD TKL is a compact corded keyboard perfect for saving desktop space or stowing for travel. The characteristic STREAM design - quiet and exceptional typing comfort is the result of CHERRY developed SX scissor design. There's no compromising with this smaller footprint alternative to the full-size STREAM KEYBOARD.

    The compact TKL version – ideal for office & industrial use

    Look no further - a keyboard that saves space with features of the full-size STREAM. The STREAM keyboard TKL is equipped with on-key status LEDs, while office and multi-media controls allow for quick navigation to your task - whether in the office or at home. The SX Scissor design will provide over 20M actuations per key and is ideal for server rack-mounted trays.

    Designed to protect you and the environment.

    The 87% reduced-sized keyboard allows a closer hand-to-hand position when using the keyboard and mouse. For those who type constantly, ergonomic studies show a TKL keyboard can improve posture, reducing the chance for wrist pain and other injuries.

    Keyboard Tenkeyless CHERRY

    Stream Keyboard without numberpad

    Designed for sustainability and comfort. Our STREAM keyboards have been awarded the most reputable of all European environmental protection seals, the “Blue Angel” seal. Packaging is completely plastic-free. Sustainability also means we design for the health of users. The GS seal is the benchmark for health compliance with defined ergonomic and overall product safety requirements. We have laid the foundation with all STREAM keyboard models designed to meet the “Safety Tested” GS seal, the only legally regulated test mark for product safety in Europe.

    Looking for a space-saving ergonomic keyboard? Find value, quality, and comfort, with the STREAM KEYBOARD TKL.

    product details

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