CHERRY J842120

Corded, Washable, Backlit Keyboard With Integrated Pointing Device, for Medical and Industrial Applications
Fully-sealed, sanitary, and compact, the J842120 Backlit Washable Keyboard is a must-have for all medical and industrial applications!
Completely sealed with NEMA 4-rated rubber top casing, this corded, backlit keyboard is washable, suitable for rinsing with cleaning and disinfection fluids. A convenient ‘lockdown mode,’ indicated by a brightly lit CLEAN KEY, and an easy-to-clean surface allows users to clean at any interval with minimal downtime. An Integrated Optical Pointing Device provides for high-speed motion detection and ease of use, even in small, limited spaces. The selectable backlit key field allows 4-levels of brightness.

  • No room for bacteria and infection traps
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • Integrated Pointing Device
  • CLEAN KEY: Prevents data from being sent while the keyboard is wiped down, allowing user to clean at any interval with minimal downtime
  • User is notified of ‘lock down mode’ by brightly lit CLEAN KEY Rugged and Fully Sealed:
  • Completely sealed rubber top casing-NEMA 4 rating
  • Suitable for rinsing with cleaning and disinfection fluids. Impervious to typical hospital cleaning solution
  • Pre-tapped mounting holes for easy installation
  • Backlit: Selectable Backlit Key field 4-levels of brightness
  • Pointing Device: New Low power, sealed, optical pointing device offers high speed motion detection and no moving parts

    Data Sheet
  • SKU
    1 year
    Packaging unit
  • 20 keyboards per master carton
  • 28 master cartons per pallet
  • Keyboard
    83 key position US key layout including Windows keys
    Packaging dimensions
    12.2” x 7.95” x 2.08” inches
    Dimensions (product)
    11.4” x 6.4” x 1.9” inches
    System requirements
    USB supported operating system powered by USB port
    USB 2.0
    Operating temperature
    -40°F to 158°F
    Cable length
    43.4 Inches
    Total weight (with packaging)
    2.2 lbs
    Weight (product)
    1.96 lbs
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