The sophisticated technology CHERRY fans love — now available at work

KENOSHA, Wisconsin CHERRY, a specialist of computer input devices, is expanding its best-in-class technology from home into the office.

Long-known as the market leader in mechanical key switches, CHERRY is aiming to take its popularity in the hobbyist and gaming markets into the workplace with its new suite of keyboards and mice. The products boast all of the same sophisticated technology CHERRY fans love, with the high-performance, durability, and functionality the company’s legions of fans rave over in the gaming world.

According to Forbes magazine, more than 30 percent of workers believe the tech tools used in their personal lives are more effective and productive than tools supplied by employers. The tech transformation has led to companies adopting “BYOD,” or “bring your own device” programs allowing employees to work on their personal private PCs and smartphones.

With CHERRY’s revamped line of office products, employers can increase the sophistication of the tech tools provided to employees, providing comfortable, reliable and efficient technologies for the workplace that may give companies a competitive edge in a tight job market, says CHERRY General Manager, Greg Peterson.

“Today, many employees believe it’s up to their employers to help them stay comfortable and productive in the office,” Peterson said. “With a sharp focus on durability and ergonomics, our keyboard and mouse combinations are meticulously engineered for the way you work.”

In addition to desktop sets, CHERRY offers a full line of ergonomic solutions including wireless mice designed in a comfortable 45-degree angle, and keyboard palmrests, to promote natural hand and wrist positions.


Looking to upgrade your office? CHERRY keyboard and mouse combinations provide high-quality, ergonomic, and scissor-precise products specially-designed for the workplace of today, and appealing to the most discerning employees and prosepects.

Desktop Set DW 3000 (Part #: JD-0710EI-2)
Wireless desktop set

● Best price/performance ratio for office users
● 4 hot keys (calculator, email, browser, sleep mode)
● 3 button mouse for both left- and right-handed operation
● Whisper-quiet laser-etched keys

Desktop Set DW 5100 (Part #: JD-0520EU-2)
Quality and ergonomics in the workplace

● Wireless desktop set with abrasion-proof laser-etched keys
● Easy to install
● 5 button mouse with on/off switch

KC 6000 SLIM FOR MAC (Part #: JK-1600EU-2)
Ultra-flat designer keyboard

● Exceptionally compact, slim housing
● High-quality scissor-mechanism for perfect keystroke
● Status LEDs for the CAPS LOCK, NUM and SCROLL keys
● Sturdy construction with integrated metal place

GENTIX SILENT (Part #: JM-0310-2)
Quiet, no-click designer mouse

● Special no-click buttons ideal for busy workplaces
● Precise sensor with 1000 dpi resolution
● Rubber-coated side sections for optimal grip
● Pleasant to the touch abrasion-proof surface finishing




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CHERRY, headquartered in Auerbach/OPf., Germany, is a leading global manufacturer of computer input devices with a focus on Office, Gaming, Industry, Security and switches for mechanical keyboards. CHERRY employs approximately 400 people in production plants and corporate branches in Germany, France, UK, China, (Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan) and the USA. Founded in 1953, CHERRY stands for German quality products that are designed and developed specifically for the needs of its customers. In 2019, the company opens a new headquarters in Auerbach, reflecting the new image of CHERRY as the workplace of the future, with an emphasis on the concept of New Work. CHERRY brings high quality, passion as well as design in working environments and thus addresses end-customers and companies alike who have high demands on performance, service life and functionality.

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