CHERRY’s new desktop products bring a sophisticated and ergonomic upgrade to the workplace

August 15, 2019 KENOSHA, Wisconsin - CHERRY, a specialist of computer input devices, has announced a series of newly revamped office products, bringing a sophisticated and ergonomic upgrade to the workplace.

Among the new releases are the MW8 ERGO wireless mouse, and the DW 9000 SLIM wireless desktop set. Both products boast an eye-catching design, the convenience of built-in Bluetooth technology, and maximized comfort to satisfy hardworking employees.

“The days of clunky computer office products and navigating operating system incompatibility are quickly fading,” says Cherry General Manager, Greg Peterson. “Today’s workplaces must recognize employees’ changing tastes and preferences, which include work tools that mirror the same technology and comfort of the products they already use at home.”

A study from Staples found that nearly 80 percent of employees believe it’s up to their employers to help them maintain a comfortable workspace in the office, for example. Peterson says. CHERRY office products can help companies meet their employees’ wellness demands.

Wireless desktop set with an ultra-flat design

The CHERRY DW 9000 SLIM rechargeable wireless desktop set has a modern look and is characterized by an ultra-flat design to ensure fatigue-free work sessions. The mouse and keyboard have a matching visual design and look great on the desk of every style-conscious consumer or corporation.

Highest processing quality and robust technology

CHERRY has integrated a metal plate into the keyboard to create a solid product that doesn’t move around on the desk. The keys use SX scissor technology, combining a great typing experience with a long lifespan. The keyboard features abrasion-resistant laser-inscribed keys, rubberized feet to change the tilt of the keyboard, and status LEDs for the Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, and Num Lock keys.

Highly stylish mouse with useful features

To compliment the high-performing keyboard, the six-button mouse also offers many useful features. These include rubberized side parts and a compact shape for ideal hand position. The sensor resolution can be adjusted from 600 to 1,600 dpi at the touch of a button, and an optical mouse wheel adds to the precision. The USB receiver locks to the mouse magnetically, furthering its ease of use.

Ergonomic wireless mouse for PC & Mac

The MW8 ERGO is the ergonomic counterpart of the popular MW8 ADVANCED wireless mouse, including its sophisticated voronoi cell design. The right-handed mouse features rubberized side panels, a large thumb rest plate, and an expansive sliding surface to help employees avoid unnecessary strain on the wrist. The heart of the MW8 ERGO, however, is its “track on glass” optical sensor, which is suitable for 4K screens.

Long battery life and secure connections

Both mice and the keyboard are equipped with durable lithium batteries and can be connected to a compatible system using the built-in Bluetooth 4.0 functionality or use the supplied nano-USB receiver to establish a 2.4 GHz wireless connection secured with AES-128 encryption for more security.

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