Software tool to customize your keyboard and mouse

KENOSHA, Wisconsin -

CHERRY , a leading specialist of computer input devices, has released CHERRY KEYS, a free software tool for straightforward customization of keyboard and mice.

The new CHERRY KEYS software program allows users to configure their input devices according to their individual demands. The tool works with most keyboards and mice on the market, including optimal results with original CHERRY products, and can be
applied in a wide range of industries including office, healthcare, retail, and security

Programming new functions in the blink of an eye

CHERRY KEYS offers an intuitive user interface for assigning specific tasks to individual keys of the keyboard or mouse. The tool shows the configurable keys or buttons on all available input devices and lets you customize them with the click of a mouse button, using different colours to show which keys have been reprogrammed.

CHERRY offers a variety of options to reprogram individual keys, such as opening programs, files, folders or web pages at the touch of a button. System functions (logoff, lock, standby) or multimedia commands are also possible. Complete input sequences — so-called macros — or even recorded texts can be saved as a shortcut and started or inserted as required.

Improve work productivity by customizing devices for everyday activities

Thanks to CHERRY KEYS,

users can customize functions for everyday work tasks, improving the productivity and efficiency of day-to-day business.

  • Store frequently used text blocks as an Fn-key shortcut (e.g. "Dear Sir or Madam,");
  • Create shortcuts to frequently used web pages, like the company lunch menu or the intranet;
  • Add multimedia functions like Play, Pause, Previous and Next to keyboards that lack multimedia keys;
  • Launch pre-defined programs such as the mail client or web browser;
  • Quickly log off or lock the PC when you're leaving your workstation;
  • Add Copy and Paste functionality to your mouse buttons to increase work productivity.

CHERRY KEYS is available as a free download for 32- and 64-bit  systems on

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