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KENOSHA, Wisconsin – CHERRY, a specialist of computer input devices, is looking to bring increased quality, efficiency and ergonomics to campuses and the education market, with its latest appearance at the 2019 ISTE EdTech Conference in Philadelphia, where it’s bundled desktop products are likely to appeal to students, teachers, and administrators alike.

The conference for the International Society for Technology in Education, held June 23-26, is expected to attract more than 16,000 educators and exhibitors to the City of Brotherly Love. CHERRY will host Booth #225 on the Expo floor, where the company will showcase its range of computer input devices for school campus environments.

More than 48 percent of children ages 0-6 have used a computer, according to the Henry J. Kaiser Foundation, with a bulk of children using computers daily. As children start digital learning in the classroom as early as preschool, it’s important to provide computer input devices that are ergonomic and reliable, so teachers can tune their focus to developing engaged learners. “We are thrilled to join a global group of passionate educators and technology leaders in their mission to inspire ‘bold change’ in the world of education,” says CHERRY General Manager, Greg Peterson. “As a 65-year-old company built on the wheels of innovation, we know technology is key for educating the next generation of leaders.”

Computer knowledge ‘critical to learning,’ CHERRY says

CHERRY provides a comprehensive selection of specialty mice, keyboards, and desktop sets to meet the needs of the education sector. These tools support students in developing basic computer skills and improving tech literacy is necessary to learning in today’s educational environment, Peterson adds.

“As we move toward a more digitized, technological, ever-connected world, acquiring adequate computer knowledge is critical for every student,” he adds. “CHERRY wants to be a source of support for teachers and students as they navigate their education, and future careers.”

Schools looking to incorporate new computer input devices should look no further than CHERRY. The company’s products for the educational market include everything from a corded desktop combination optimized to withstand more than 10 million keystrokes, to a quiet and comfortable no-click designer mouse ideal for enhanced digital learning — even in classrooms that utilize laptops.

Computer input device solutions beyond the classroom

From admissions to health services and everything in between, CHERRY offers computer input device solutions fit for every campus need. For example, incorporating a smart card terminal keyboard in the front office could allow for swift and secure school check-ins. In school nurse areas, a wipeable keyboard can help schools prevent the spread of germs during the Cold & Flu season.

“Students benefit from CHERRY’s products by being able to work efficiently and ergonomically in the classroom, and schools benefit from CHERRY’s quality design and long-lasting durability,” Peterson says.

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About Cherry

CHERRY, headquartered in Auerbach/OPf., Germany, is a leading global manufacturer of computer input devices with a focus on Office, Gaming, Industry, Security and switches for mechanical keyboards. CHERRY employs approximately 400 people in production plants and corporate branches in Germany, France, UK, China, (Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan) and the USA. Founded in 1953, CHERRY stands for German quality products that are designed and developed specifically for the needs of its customers. In 2019, the company opens a new headquarters in Auerbach, reflecting the new image of CHERRY as the workplace of the future, with an emphasis on the concept of New Work. CHERRY brings high quality, passion as well as design in working environments and thus addresses end-customers and companies alike who have high demands on performance, service life and functionality.

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