Advanced POS Solutions for Faster Transactions

CHERRY POS Keyboards

  • Purposeful – designed for professional use in the retail market
  • Efficient – dynamic key feel for confident error free key selection
  • Dependable – deliver your sales

This keyboard is designed to be relentless in the lane.

Each key has been life tested to last over 25 million operations while maintaining an IP54 spill-proof rating. Key spacing and stroke on a CHERRY POS keyboard enable proper key selection. The key field supports error-free key actuation, especially valuable when standing. Instead of pad printing that can wear off keys, all Cherry keys are laser etched to last the life of the product.

While keyboards are the most error-free and efficient method of data entry, for even more efficiency, customers may choose to program keys to better match their application and access macros. An easy-to-use configuration utility is available for custom programming onsite. Custom key legends can be added. Relegendable keys are available in 1×1, 1×2, and 2×2 sizes.

CHERRY POS keyboards support embedded MSRs (magnetic stripe readers), mouse touchpads, PCs, and biometrics (fingerprint scanner) for secure access. Integration of components minimizes space and provides for efficient use – no loose components or having them stuck on the side of a monitor.

UPOS drivers are provided to assure vendor-neutral software application interfaces (APIs) for POS peripherals – a consistent and exact framework for programming point of sales devices that is platform-independent and vendor-neutral – assuring compatibility in your POS system.

Every device delivered with a 3 year warranty from CHERRY – Innovation at your fingertips.