ZF Electronic Systems Pleasant Prairie, LLC introduces the CHERRY JD-0400EU-2, a wireless 128-bit encrypted desktop keyboard and mouse bundle designed for the professional office. This new wireless desktop set combines guaranteed secure data transmission with an advanced energy supply.

The set includes AES 128-bit encryption with a USB cable charging function for both keyboard and mouse, even while in use. The CHERRY JD-0400EU-2 features rechargeable NiMH batteries with a very low self-discharge rate and 2.40 GHZ interference-free technology with a range of 32 feet.

The keyboard uses SX key technology with a service life of 10 million key actuations. The 3 button mouse is of symmetrical design for both right and left hand use with ergonomic side panels. The mouse features infrared sensor technology with an adjustable dpi resolution of 1000/2000 dpi and a life expectancy of 45,000 hours.

The CHERRY JD-0400EU-2 set is ideally suited for use in professional office, banking, hospitals, education and in-home applications. This wireless desktop bundle includes a 2-year warranty and is available from CHERRY authorized distributors and resellers.

For further information visit www.cherryamericas.com or call 262-942-6500.

Evaluation units can be made available to qualified recipients by contacting Russell MacKenzie, Product Marketing Manager.