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Sales Terms and Conditions for Cherry Americas, LLC

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Purchasing Terms and Conditions for Cherry Americas, LLC

We are ordering the following items under the general purchasing terms and conditions of Cherry Americas, LLC.  Click here to read the  General Terms and Conditions of Purchasing .

The provisions noted in the terms and conditions will apply if nothing to the contrary is in place between customer and supplier.

The applicability of the other general business terms and conditions (especially your sales and/or purchasing terms and conditions) is hereby expressly ruled out unless a purchase agreement signed by both sides is involved. It would have priority over all of the above mentioned documents if it contains a conclusive arrangement with regard to a topic.

You must clearly prove the origin of the parts ordered for each delivery in the form of supplier declarations or certificates of origin. Cherry Americas, LLC, reserves the right to withhold payment for the goods until these documents have been submitted.


Please contact your buyer planner for a copy of the current revision.