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ActiveIdentity logo


ActivIdentity solutions are designed for authenticating and managing the digital identities of employees, suppliers, partners, and customers accessing e-business resources online. Linked seamlessly to market leading systems supporting symmetric (SKI) or public key-based (PKI) authentication, data confidentiality and integrity, ActivIdentity is a key enabler of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) communication and commerce.
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apsec logo


Applied Security protects your know-how
Applied Security is the specialist for protecting critical data in your corporate network. We develop products and solution to make your IT safer.
apsec – your partner for products and projects
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AuthenTec logo


AuthenTec, Inc. is a leading semiconductor company providing advanced biometric fingerprint sensors to the PC, wireless, PDA, access control and automotive markets. AuthenTec’s FingerLoc and EntréPad product families utilize the Company’s patented TruePrintTM technology, the first technology capable of imaging everyone under virtually any condition. TruePrint images below the surface layer of the skin to the live layer where the true print resides, thereby eliminating surface-level contamination issues. AuthenTec’s products are the choice of leading industry hardware and software providers, ensuring compatibility across multiple platforms and applications.
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BIO-key logo


Police. Fire. EMS. Financial Services. Information Technology. Each of thse markets depends on the rapid delivery of secure, reliable information. Which is why each of these markets depends on BIO-key. From police officers on patrol to secure web-based transactions, our leadership in public safety and fingerprint biometric solutions saves time, saves money… and saves lives.
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Bromba logo


As a biometrics specialist, Bromba provides consulting services as well as software and hardware components for industrial, trading, and public customers. Based on patented algorithms, Bromba develops and offers fingerprint technology with outstanding performance, especially suited to the challenges of low-cost fingerprint sensors. There is a close cooperation with CHERRY in the area of development and software support for biometric devices.
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CDW is a leading multi-brand technology solutions provider to business, government, education and healthcare organizations in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. A Fortune 500 company with multinational capabilities, CDW was founded in 1984 and employs more than 8,700 coworkers. For the twelve months ended June 30, 2016, the company generated net sales of over $13 billion.
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ABT                                                                                              CHERRY_LO_CertifiedPartner_Silver_201503

Advanced Business Technology, Inc. is an authorized reseller and an independent distributor of electronic components, computer Storate and Enterprise class servers, workstations and peripherals including printers, printer parts and a wise range of LCT TFT Panels.  We represent and over 200,000 products from over 450 international and North American manufacturers.  We are also proud to be a valued supplier and partner to several government and military agencies.

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Dedicated Computing Logo

Dedicated Computing                                                           CHERRY_LO_CertifiedPartner_Gold_201503

Dedicated Computing is a global technology company committed to solving the business problems of our customers through the design, development and deployment of innovative technology solutions.

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GHA                                                                                              CHERRY_LO_CertifiedPartner_Gold_201503

GHA Technologies, Inc. is a nationally expanding network computer reseller and systems integrator with offices nationwide.  GHA is listed as the 18th largest private corporation in Arizona.  We sell all the latest storage, datacenter, virtualization, cloud, security, VoIP, wireless, video and identification technologies.  We also specialize in mission-critical product procurement and integration services for some of the largest corporate, government, and educational clients in the US.  Our client base is a Who’s Who of Corporate America.

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GovSmart, Inc. is a full scale provider of IT Products and Services to the Federal Government and its Prime Contractors.  We provide total IT solutions including hardware, software and custom services.  GovSmart is an 8(a) Certified, HUBZone Certified, Small Disadvantaged Business.  We are a prime contractor on NASA SEWP_V (Category B Group B HUBZone) as well as NIH CIO-CS.  These Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts are authorized by the Office of Management and Budget to be used by any agency to procure most IT products and services.  GovSmart holds a GSA Schedule 70: GS-35F-192AA.

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Hiller S.A.                



Distribuidor de Soluciones Tecnológicas en Bolivia con más de 12 años de experiencia en las áreas de Puntos de Venta, Captura Automática de Datos, Identificación y RFID. Con oficinas centrales en Santa Cruz y sucursales en La Paz y Cochabamba.



MGM Solutions                                                                             CHERRY_LO_CertifiedPartner_Silver_201503

For over 10 years MGM Solutions Inc has been developing Barcode and Point of Sale hardware and software solutions for companies nationwide. We put our customers’ needs first when creating solutions to specific business problems revolving around the use of barcode scanners, retail and restaurant point of sale registers, and web applications.  MGM has years of experience building applications from the ground up.  We take a customers specification and develop the end product all in house, with constant communication with our customer and full support and follow through. An innovative leader in the point-of-sale, distribution, and inventory control industries, MGM Solutions connects businesses with the knowledge and tools for successful information management in an ever-changing technological climate.

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NCIX                                                                                                 CHERRY_LO_CertifiedPartner_Gold_201503

NCIX is an online and brick and mortar reseller based in Vancouver, Canada.

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Nelson Business Products                                                                                                

Nelson Business Products, Inc. was founded in 2002 in Lawrenceville, GA.  NBP provides office and computer products to companies, schools and government entities in the Atlanta metro area, but also has a nationwide reach using our extensive network of manufacturers and distributors.

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Neutron USA                                                                                               

Neutron Inc is an IT solution provider in support of your company’s IT goals with efficiency and cost savings.  We represent hundreds of industry-leading manufacturers with diverse hardware, software and services to achieve your business’s essential technologies and specialize in business development consultancy, industrial system, and turnkey IT solutions.

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Pomeroy is a recognized industry leader in optimizing IT infrastructures with comprehensive solutions in three key areas – Workplace, Network, and Data Center Services.  We help maximize the availability, efficiency, and productivity of your IT infrastructure regardless of its maturity. Our experienced professionals and strategic partnerships transform your IT environment to a future state centered around a pleasing end user experience supported by advanced, cloud-based, on-demand technologies and services.

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Solvix Solutions                                                                                                

Solvix Solutions is a woman owned small business outside of Philadelphia, in Mount Laurel, N.J.  We are a technology sales and service provider which allows us to cover all of our client’s needs from desktop, software and infrastructure projects.

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Southern Computer Warehouse                                       CHERRY_LO_CertifiedPartner_Silver_201503

Southern Computer Warehouse, established in 1994, is a nationwide provider of IT hardware and software solutions for Corporate, Healthcare and the Public Sector. From individual desktop and AV products to mobility and enterprise solutions, SCW brings superior customer care and expertise without a premium price!

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Our company name reflects our commitment to providing the PROFESSIONAL ADVANTAGE to all of our customers. We’ve been serving the needs of the computer industry for over 27 years and we stand ready to serve you today!
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digitronic logo


digitronic was founded in 1991. Its headquarters is in Chemnitz, Germany. digitronic is specialized on software solutions and services for IT security. The digitronic Authention-Safety-Suite is a reasonable completition to USB- and smartcard technology. The modular structure of Authention enables integration of different kinds of authentication tokens and reading devices. By default all tokens supporting PKCS#11 specification can be used. This bundle makes both possible, secure logon and singel sign on for different kinds of applications. The integrated hard disk encryption provides additional security to your data. Authention can be used for windows based operation systems (NT4.0, W2K, XP). Major customers as the german police and ministry of the interior are being supported by using digitronics direct marketing communication systems FKOMM and THOR.
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Gremark Technologies logo

Gremark Technologies

Gremark Technologies, Inc., established in 1994, is a privately-owned corporation engaged in fulfilling the outsourcing requirements of small to large corporations, as well as education entities, in the areas of component level computer repair and related services.
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Identix logo


Identix offers fingerprint solutions for networks, authorization in the internet and access control.
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imprivata logo


Imprivata is the Converged Identity and Access Management (IAM) appliance company. Its OneSign platform helps organizations safeguard enterprise information assets by enabling secure employee access to networks and applications and reducing the time, risk and cost of complying with data privacy and protection regulations. Imprivata is one of the fastest growing IAM companies with more than 550 customers and 200 partners around the world.
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iSM logo


iSM is concerned with user and authorization management in heterogeneous system landscapes. Based on enterprises’ organisational structures authorizations are seized and assigned by a complex role model. Single sign-on solutions combined with biometric access protection extend the pallet of authorization administration. Web solutions for various workflow processes facilitates daily work and is a further operating field of iSM.
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Mechanical Keyboards logo

Mechanical Keyboards is the Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard catalog and resource center. In addition to offering an extensive catalog and outstanding service, supports the growing community of keyboard enthusiasts by offering venues for users to share their experiences and feedback in a collectively organized fashion.
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Omnikey logo


Omnikey is a supplier of reading and writing systems and components that use smart cards for various technologies and applications.
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Precise Biometrics

Precise Biometrics is a market-leading provider of solutions that prove people’s identities through smart cards and fingerprint recognition. Precise Biometrics serves business and government organizations throughout the world and its products are licensed to close to 160 million users.

Precise BioMatch TM Mobile provides easy integration of fingerprint matching functionality for smartphones and tablets, and is optimized for small touch sensors in mobile environments through a unique patented hybrid algorithm. Precise Biometrics also offers fingerprint technology to stationary and embedded solutions. Precise BioMatch provides easy integration of fingerprint matching functionality for numerous environments and applications through a unique patented hybrid algorithm.

Tactivo TM is a product line of mobile smart card readers for iOS and Android devices that provides convenient and secure access to restricted resources from mobile devices through Two-factor authentication. Tactivo brings true mobility to organizations using smart cards, such as CAC, PIV and SPINE.
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Realtime logo


Realtime AG provides specialist software consulting services and solutions for SAP environments. Realtime offers authentication solutions using smart cards and fingerprints in SAP environments.
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Siemens Program and System Engineering PSE logo

Siemens Program and System Engineering PSE

Program and System Engineering PSE is a division and group independent internal software and electronics house within Siemens.PSE offers hardware and software solutions, selected products, as well as a broad range of services for the entire field of information and communications technology, primarily to Siemens in-house groups and divisions. With its ID Center product, PSE offers an extensive platform for the fast and cost-efficient implementation of biometric authentication applications.
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SIRC logo


Founded in 1994, Software Information Resource Corp. (SIRC) is a woman-owned, software solutions firm based in Washington, D.C. that is committed to supplying its clients with cost-effective systems, and the expertise required for a seamless integration. SIRC develops solutions that are compatible with each client’s goals. The ability to increase return on investment, reduce the total cost of ownership, and implement and maintain technical investments is key to SIRC’s success.
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SYMETRY, S.A. de C.V. is a leading company in information technologies founded 20 years ago with a high degree of expertise in development, integration and support for banking and financial services, retail, education and government.

History and Contribution

Founded in 1994 and with the aim of providing high value-added solutions for the Mexican banking industry Symetry was born with 100% Mexican capital. Despite the financial and macroeconomic situation that existed in those years our challenge was to innovate and deliver solutions of the highest quality and competitiveness available worldwide with a focus on our customers. A natural symmetry between the needs of our customers and offer cutting-edge technology was the inspiration of our corporate mission. So, and after evaluation of suppliers in the major markets of the world, we select only manufacturers able to withstand large volumes of transactions without compromising quality. Also we start to develop our own solutions to provide complete satisfaction and reduce costs to our customers.
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VPC Innovations                                                                   CHERRY_LO_CertifiedPartner_201612

We are industry veterans on a mission to challenge the status quo and ultimately deliver a better technology experience for everyone—from startup entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. In launching VPC, we have dedicated our lives to putting the humanity back into technology sales and service.

Our Founding Tenets:

1.     You need the right people as much as you need the right technology.

2.     Everyone deserves access to enterprise-grade solutions, not just enterprises.

3.     Sometimes you have to build new things to solve old problems.
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